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A professional nanny was in my house 24/7 for the duration. Sometimes he was very formal, borderline condescending. i worked very hard and long hours & he became more & more friendly. He was nicer & nicer to me and soon i just told him he could hug me if he wanted. He hugged me, kissed me and never stopped until we had sex.I fell for him because his personal interests were rather nerdy, like mine! (Yes, he was excellent in bed.) The fling was practically over when he went back home.Insane Thai porn with gorgeous teens avid for cock and willing to do anything for pleasure.A complete section with endless movies and smashing scenes of real Thai amateur porn.Once we chatted after a long day and it turned out we both know Sanscrit. He and I also loved both German and Spanish movies. He was back one more time and we met in his room during the day, the sex was technically good but magic was gone. I believe my husband knew but did not want to confront me.

You can stay with my wife and me for as long as you feel like. Nevertheless she makes you feel you died and are in heaven! The situation you put the characters in is very realistic. "I would love to have a boss like you..." Don't make it cheap. Whereas I am not from India i am from a similar society, a dymamic emerging economy and stratified society. He kind of took us under his wing, became our friend, promoted me to a position where i had to travel a lot, & fucked my wife. A few years later after we moved to another part of the country & each had a job, we decided to have children. She & i have a solemn pact whereby she is entitled to two to three more escapades.When she does it again (o boy i know she will) i will forgive her again. The fact she is a pretty Indian woman is the icing on the cake. His boss mentioned the other day that the company will need a new receptionist/admin for the branch office, which happens to be located in a huge residential house. I shall be a loving wife & do as my husband says ;-)As for your husband's boss you have to show his advances won't be unwelcome.My wife is not a flert but she is outright sexy and men are attracted to her like flies to honey. The idea that my boss fucks my wife does turn me on: as a fantasy it's 2nd to none, but practicalities are crazy: you must work for a man who is fucking your wife.One of the partners was visiting the project sites. When he sends you to spend 3 days in another part of the country (& you know why) you feel terrible.

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